The Best Of The Bitch Face: Sadie Saxton's Surliest Expressions Gathered In GIF Form!


"You have to be cruel to be kind," Sadie Saxton rather infamously proclaimed during the first season of "Awkward," and while we've witnessed plenty of the former from Palos Hills' head cheerleader, examples of the latter have been few and far between. Sadie has proven to be cunning, vindictive and relentlessly spiteful over the course of her high school tenure, and though that's rubbed many of her fellow classmates (and teachers, advisers, friends, hired help, etc.) the wrong way, we... kind of love it about her. Call us masochists!

Collected below are Molly Tarlov's most masterful interpretations of the Sadie Saxton bitch face. Whether Sadie snarled out of malice reserved for a specific target or general antipathy toward the cretins beneath her, the result was reliably hateful, and the pain more cutting than we could ever articulate. Feast your eyes on all the glorious hostility!






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