Riff Raff's Word Of The Day: Abstruse (ab-STROOCE)


With a Skrillex collabo and studio debut said to feature hip-hop heavyweights such as Drake, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller both in the works, as well as scene-stealing guests stints on "Ridiculousness" and "One Life to Live" now under his belt, Mad Decent music artist and former "From G's to Gents" contestant Riff Raff is a neon-bright star on the rise, already achieving some iconic status for his outrageous fashion sense and lyrical wizardry. (Fittingly, he's named his upcoming album "Neon Icon.")

There's a lot to be learned from Riff Raff, which is why he's serving as Remote Control's honorary academic for the entire month of June, doling out definitions of big words each day. Today's linguistic lesson focuses on the word "abstruse" -- take a look at the video, and follow the social media titan's musings on Twitter.


June 3, 2013: peccadillo

June 4, 2013: eminence

June 5, 2013: abet

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Photo: Colin Gray