'Guy Code' Beauty Melanie Iglesias Rejects Mac Miller On Twitter


Mac Miller and Melanie Iglesias flash their stuff.

Melanie Iglesias has thousands of "Guy Code" viewers drooling over her exotic looks and BIG, er, brown eyes, especially now that the Maxim model admitted she's in her "slut phase." And it's not just your average Joe Schmoes who are hoping to catch her eye. Last night, a certain "Most Dope" star built up the nerve to make a move on Mel, but let's just say it didn't go over so well (i.e. dude CRASHED AND BURNED).

Mac Miller tweeted the MTV2 standout and her costar Lisa Ramos with an offer they just had to refuse, saying, "@MelanieIglesias @LisaaRamos threesome? sorry. i just always wanted to say that to the two of you. ;-p."

Mel immediately responded with a dis reminiscent of the ol' "You will never get this" Borat bit: "@MacMiller keep dreaming bruh :P," she wrote. Youch! Perhaps Mac should watch more episodes of "Guy Code" to learn how he can do better next time.

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Photos: Mac Miller's Instagram and Getty Images/Michael Stewart