YouTube Sensation Tyler Oakley And Superfan Shantal Rhodes Welcome 'Teen Wolf' Twins To After Show [Video]


Some say twins share thoughts, but in the case of Max and Charlie Carver's "Teen Wolf" characters, Aidan and Ethan, being "sexual and violent" is apparently their common bond. The actors behind Beacon Hills' newest (and conceivably most terrifying) Alphas stopped by's first "FANtastic Show" of Season 3 to chat with Internet sensation Tyler Oakley and Teen Wolf Walk-On Contest winner Shantal Rhodes about the premiere, and if there was a discussion point that didn't wrap up with nervous blushing or giggling, we certainly didn't hear it.

The brothers dish on everything from who's more likely to get arrested to the identity behind their characters' beastly hybrid in the video below, and evidently, the monster is Charlie... after a hearty helping of human growth hormone. "Little bit of shrinkage, but it's worth it," Charlie confesses. The guys are so in sync, you might be surprised to hear they actually have different birthdays, but when it comes to choosing who's the biggest flirt between them, their flow finally breaks. Neither wants to cop to the honor, but we're sure Tyler and Shantal would agree it's a tie.

Check out the "FANtastic Show" premiere, and stay tuned for more cast and crew interviews throughout Season 3!

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