How Ming Finally Conquered Becca And Became Queen Of The 'Awkward.' Asian Mafia [Video]


Love is a tricky game at Palos Hills High School, and for Ming it's meant having to hide her affair with Fred (Who?) Wu from the Asian Mafia's feared dictator, Becca. Jealous of Ming's connection with Fred, Becca had made it her life's work on "Awkward" to ruin Ming with mind games and subterfuge, but tonight, the animal hat aficionado finally stood up for herself, bit down on her lip and fought back: Ming cold-cocked Becca in broad daylight, and it was quite possibly the coolest thing we've ever seen.

When Becca's scheming finally led to Fred's transfer to a school in the Midwest, Ming decided she had to stop her nemesis once and for all. Sure she would be expelled for her actions, Ming was surprised to find that Becca's minions actually jumped into her corner, signing affidavits in her defense. In a moment, the Asian Mafia crowned their new queen and sent Becca into a downward spiral of obscurity. Hip, hip, hooray!

Ming might have lost Fred Wu to Idaho, but at least she got one hell of a monkey off her back. Relive the special moment below, and don't forget to bow to your new royalty!

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