'Teen Wolf' Superfan's Premiere Party Featured Gasps, Swoons And CRYSTAL REED!


Screening an episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar would have given us multiple aneurysms way back when, so we can completely understand the pinch-me looks plastered on the faces of these rabid "Teen Wolf" superfans, who got to watch last night's Season 3 premiere alongside show star Crystal Reed. The actress behind Allison Argent made her way to New Jersey to cozy up with the winners of the Teen Wolf Ultimate Premiere Party contest -- who all happen to be classmates -- at teenager Olivia Malesco's house. Then: utter and complete magic.

Throughout the night, Crystal answered a ton of burning questions, including whether or not she thinks Scott and Allison should get back together (for the record, she gives the idea a thumb's down... at least for now), but the real fun came when the episode started. Killer twins! Killer birds! KILLER TATTOO, SCOTT! And while everyone swooned when Stiles made his first appearance, they gasped when Deucalion revealed his blind eyes. Observation: There is a pretty clear divide between good and evil this season, wouldn't ya say?

Before leaving, Crystal signed a million things for everyone, cementing that life isn't fair, because we watched the show alone on a mac-and-cheese-stained couch. Check out a quick video from the party, and try not to be too jealous...

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