Danielle Fishel's Trip Down Memory Lane Includes A Bunch Of '90s Sitcom Stars [Video]


'90s teen queens Jodie Sweetin and Danielle Fishel.

Topanga Lawrence of "Boy Meets World" could have counted her best friends on one hand, but the actress behind the quirky character, Danielle Fishel, seems to have had a much more diverse Rolodex at the time. When she wasn't taking an 'N Sync star to prom, Miss Popular was hangin' with the who's who of the '90s teen-centric sitcom world, from the cast of "Full House" to the boys of "Home Improvement." Thankfully, DF spares no details of her star-studded encounters (and the embarrassing fashion that accompanied each moment) in this new PopSugar video.

In the clip, Danielle takes a walk down memory lane while lamenting her old wardrobe. "Apparently when hanging out with all of the babes and hunks of the '90s, I thought it was appropriate to wear one of two things: a flannel or a vest," she admits. Sorry to break it to you, Fishel, but no one's focusing on your terrible threads -- it's your boy candy that's caught our eye! Jonathan Taylor ThomasJeremy Jackson and Andrew Keegan? Be still, our beating teen hearts!

Check out the video below, and don't miss "Boy Meets World" reruns every day on MTV2!

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