Which 'Teen Wolf' Alpha Would You Least Like To Come Across In A Dark Alley? [Video]


As if the idea of a single Alpha Wolf running rampant through Beacon Hills wasn't terrifying enough, "Teen Wolf" has gone ahead and raised the stakes. Derek Hale is no longer the town's only heavyweight, and on the Season 3 premiere, the members of a new pack made up exclusively of Alpha Wolves touched down and proved their bites were equally as big as their barks growls.

Kali, for one, showed no mercy when her finely sharpened foot-claws made bloody contact with an opponent's face, and Deucalion made sure to finish the job she'd started with a decisive slash of his own. Plus, with hulking beasts in Ennis and the hybrid of Ethan and Aidan, the Alpha roster seems to be nearly unbeatable. Is there any stopping them?

+ Take a look at clips below that demonstrate how the Alphas have earned their stripes, and tell us in the poll who terrifies you most!

Ethan and Aidan:





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