Riff Raff's Word Of The Day: Eminence (EM-ih-nunce)


Fun fact: Not long before rapper Riff Raff's star began to rise as a lyrical wizard with a fluorescent presence, he ruffled Fonzworth Bentley's feathers on MTV's "From G's to Gents." Much to the chagrin of the show's fans, Riff was kicked off for failing to impress Diddy's butler, but now, the man with the tightest cornrows in hip-hop is back with a vengeance to prove who's boss.

For the entire month of June, Riff Raff is doling out a Word of the Day from a really big dictionary. See below for today's video, in which Remote Control's honorary academic defines "eminence," and keep checking back for your daily linguistic lesson.


June 3, 2013: peccadillo

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Photo: Michelle Crowe