Dustin Diamond, aka Screech, Puts His Ninja Skills To The Test In NYC [Video]


One of the most famous '90s sitcom geeks has gone from zero to hero in a new spoof on YouTube, and all he had to do was become a ninja. In the video below, Dustin Diamond (sorry if you were hoping for Urkel) proves he no longer needs Mario Lopez's big muscles to keep him out of trouble: He now has mediocre martial arts skills and a plastic sword!

Unlike most of his former "Saved By The Bell" co-stars who have stuck to more conventional career moves (like playing a Smurf), Screech has found his calling in protecting the citizens of New York City. In a video on his new YouTube channel, Dustin unleashes his "Inner Ninja" upon the villains of the Big Apple, such as black-and-white bandits and the characters from the mean streets of "Sesame." (Remember when the Cookie Monster shoved a toddler? Perhaps that would've never happened had Ninja Samuel Powers been there!) It's truly a gripping performance, so throw Double D a bone and check out his take on the modern-day superhero, won't ya?

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