5 Of The Most Bro-tastic Boys' Nights Out In MTV History [Video]


You don't need whisky and strippers to make for a truly epic boys' night out, as we learned on last week's "Awkward." In fact, if you get two or more boy brains together at any given time and remove the ladies from the equation, all of the burping, gross food dares and dirty jokes -- interspersed with "Anchorman" quotes, of course -- make for a truly memorable time.

We scoured the MTV archives to bring you some of the greatest girls' nights out, and now we're blessing you with the other side of the coin. Enjoy!

Matty & Jake on "Awkward"

While Jenna was busy reading aloud her naughty supply-closet confession and making googly eyes at Collin, Matty and Jake were doing everything in their power to not talk about/text/call their girlfriends. Their extreme boredom resulted in an abundance of dumb-yet-lol-worthy dares that you should NEVER try at home. Seriously. Especially the Cinnamon Challenge.

MVP on "Jersey Shore"

As we saw on "Jersey Shore" (and its subsequent spin-offs), few bros know how to party harder than a guido. One night in particular, after dodging clingy Angelina, the guys (minus Ronnie, who was probably bickering with Sammi) hit the streets of Miami, only to find themselves face to face with dozens of...grenades. Mike, Vinny and Pauly brought a handful of slop-tarts home, one of whom lost her chicken cutlet in the hot tub.

Beavis & Butthead on "Beavis and Butthead"

We don't expect much from a couple of real-life bobble heads who refuse to do laundry, so a BNO with Beavis and Butthead isn't exactly on par with hittin' the clubs with "The Situation." But only this animated duo could gather from a night out at the movies (hey, they can't legally drink!) the hair-brained idea that a werewolf transformation is the key to bagging chicks. Um, maybe if your name was Scott McCall...

The Boys (Minus Biggie) on "Pauly D Project"

Soooo....this is the kind of boys' night out that really is all about the strippers and whisky.

Scott & Stiles on "Teen Wolf"

They're so busy battling enemy wolf packs and fighting creepy reptilian creatures, Scott and his bestie Stiles rarely have time to pump fists. Last season, however, the duo found themselves at a gay club, surrounded by drag queens and hard bodies while on the hunt for the venomous Jackson-Kanima. Their night out may have been more bloodbath than rager (the shape-shifter paralyzed seven club-goers), but it was certainly a bonding moment for the two bros.

+ There's too many to list 'em all -- did we miss any ground-breaking BNOs? Sound off in the comments!

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