Snooki Does Push-ups In Heels, As If There Were An Alternative In The Matter [Video]

Snooki's got her own workout series on the way, but is it exclusively for the ladies who lunch? The "Jersey Shore" star recently gave the Twitterverse a sneak peek of her gym routine with a Vine video demonstrating how to complete the perfect push-up while in heels and a little dress. We thought the Richard Simmons method was showy, but the meatball-turned-mom has completely one-upped the '80s guru when it comes to pizzazz.

"PUSH UPS IN HEELS," Snooki tweeted, along with the small clip her photographer, Brian Doherty, took during a photo shoot. Can you do a one-handed push-up? A modified diamond? Either way, you ain't got nothin' on Nicole until you strap on some Louboutins, grit your teeth and touch your nose to the floor. Gym would have looked a lot different in high school if Snooks was in charge -- do you think a strand of pearls or a collection of bangles would earn extra credit?

Check out Snooki's classy form, and tell us if you'd be able to follow suit!

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Vine courtesy of Brian Doherty