That's What You Said...About Who Will Kick The Bucket On Season 3 Of 'Teen Wolf'

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By this time next week, we could very well have the first "Teen Wolf" Season 3 casualty on our hands. Executive Producer Jeff Davis has let us in on his plans to off the better part of Beacon Hills this year, and since you guys are essentially oracles when it comes to the future of the show, we threw it to you to predict any deaths coming down the pike. Like always, you more than delivered, and there were guesses to spare, as well as many pleas to keep your favorite characters alive.

Below is a variety of comments posted to Remote Control and Facebook about who viewers think will live to fight another day, and who is on borrowed time. Check 'em out and keep the conversation going!

Remote Control:

"It doesn't look good for both Isaac and Lydia. I don't want Isaac to die, though." -- Hilary

"I doubt Mama McCall or Papa Stilinski will die (single parents -- what will happen to Scott/Stiles?). Similarly, I doubt that Chris Argent will be killed, after Allison's mom died." -- Ashley

"I think Boyd, Erica, Isaac and Scott's mom all will die." -- Phillip


"I'm guessing Scott will probably die from what I can surmise from previews." -- Joseph C.

"Whoever survives in Season 3, it probably won't be me." -- Emily A.

"I swear to God if you kill off Isaac there will be some serious consequences." -- Leigh C.

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