'Real World' Sneak Peek: Jessica Swears Off Men After Being Dumped [Video]


When Jessica's perfect "Portland" love bubble burst all over her computer screen, rather than rebound with a one-night stand, she flipped the switch and went the opposite route, declaring she would refrain from hanky-panky until she meets the one. That plan didn't work out for Marlon too well, but we guess a girl can try...

Anastasia -- who has been critical of Jess' attention-seeking behavior for a while -- doesn't quite see her housemates' logic in this sneak peek of the next episode. "I don't want to engage in relationships that are meaningless," Jess says, trying  to explain to Ana the reasoning behind her new-found celibacy. She claims that she doesn't want to give in to men unless they're ready to commit. As noble as Jess' intentions may be, Ana thinks she's just saying all this because she's still hurting from the Tyler burn, and that swearing off guys will only hold her back. "If you don't date, and then one day you're ready to be in a fully committed relationship, you've done no learning," she cautions.

While Ana's own relationship was not exactly the picture of perfection, we think she's giving her frenemy some pretty good advice. Let's hope Jess takes it before she overlooks the next good guy that comes along.

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