Future Bridezilla Snooki Hosts Cake-Eating Contest, Shares Plans For Her Own Big Day


Snooki cuts the official WE cake with Kim Martin, president of WE tv.

Now that Snooki has a beautiful baby boy, multiple businesses and a doting fiance, what's next for the guidette of all trades? A wedding, of course! While we still have some time before the next "Snooki & JWOWW" season (which we're hoping includes at least one vow exchange), Snooki got a jump on the wedding wagon yesterday when she hosted WE tv's "Bridezillas" 10th Anniversary Cake-Eating Contest, and, yes, it was exactly what you'd expect.

CakeEaterTen brides-to-be were challenged with eating as much of a seven-pound cake as humanly possible in less than five minutes with their hands tied behind their backs*. But before you cry foul about how cruel that is to women with tummy-sucking dream dresses to fit into, consider that the grand prize was $10,000. The sight of brides gorging on three-tiered cakes had us queasy, but Snooki was unfazed and gave one hell of a show, cheering the ladies on and helping to push the cakes back toward their gobs when the desserts slid out of mouth-reach. She's part Pat Sajack, part Vanna White!

After the competition we got a chance to talk to Snooks about her own wedding plans, and more:

Do you think you're going to be a bridezilla?

Absolutely. I feel like everyone's a bridezilla to a certain level, but I feel like I'm going to be a serious bridezilla, because I want everything to go my way, so, you know, you're allowed.

Who would win in a cake eating contest: you or Jenni?

We'd probably end up throwing the cake at each other and fighting, so I don't know! We're very competitive, and I'd probably punch her in the face or something. (Ed. note: Please let this happen on Season 3.)

What's your favorite cake flavor?

I love the strawberry filling cake, the white cake with it in the middle. I love that.

Have you made any strides toward planning your wedding to Jionni?

Um, we're thinking sometime next year. But that's all we have now. I haven't really thought about it much. I'm not one of those girls that, y'know, envisions her wedding, so I just have to start from scratch, and I haven't done anything yet.

Who do you think will get married first, you or Jenni?

I probably will. She doesn't want to get married, like, quick, and she just got engaged, so I told her, "Relax, take your time," and...it'll probably be me!


Snooki cheers as the winner's cake is presented for the crowd.

*The winner scarfed down 5.4 lbs of cake, so don't feel bad about that second cookie you ate during lunch.

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