How To Get Your Parents On Board The 'Famous' Train, As Seen On 'Zach Stone'


Zach Stone's parents have been vehemently against their son's plan to skip college in favor of trying to get famous since he first caught the celeb-bug, and their battle came to a head tonight when Zach got word that he was accepted to Emerson, once his dream school. Zach assured his mom and dad he'd consider enrolling, but instead used the college angle to craft a scheme exploiting male undergrads à la "Girls Gone Wild."

Though the success of "Bros Gone Wild" was in the red, Zach succeeded in finally getting his parents -- or his dad, at least -- on board with his plan to become a worldwide sensation. Should you find yourself at odds with your makers, check out these tips on how to get the three of you on the same page.

1) Spit in the face of higher education every chance you get. It was disappointing for Zach's parents to hear that the Emerson acceptance letter hadn't changed his mind about furthering his education, but at least his constant anti-university tirades had prepared them. A full ride to Harvard with a comfortable stipend couldn't have made Zach want to be a college coed instead of a Kardashian, and since his parents were used to his attitude toward school, they left him alone so he could focus on more pressing matters...

2) Devise a plan to sexually exploit young men who had chosen the college route. Hey, "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis has spent the better part of his life rolling in dough, so why not follow his lead (maybe without the criminal activity) to make a little green? After getting invited to a college party by Amy's new flame, Nick, Zach had the brilliant idea to film what he presumed would be a frat house full of shirtless bros. Unfortunately, the get-together was nothing more than a tame gathering, and, to add insult to injury, Zach felt as invisible on the college party circuit as he had in high school.

3) Commiserate with your dad when everything blows up in your face. With no burgeoning empire, no new friends and a preoccupied Amy, a crestfallen Zach returned home to find his dad -- who didn't go to college, either -- alone in the garage. In an unusually honest heart-to-heart, Zach's dad assured his son that, in spite of Mrs. Stone's insistence to the contrary, he never regretted skipping college to start his own business, and -- for the first time -- threw his support behind his son. Not bad! Perhaps this calls for a celebration!

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