‘You Get A Z-Minus,’ And Other Winning ‘Show With Vinny’ Quotes

You could hear a pin drop on tonight’s “Show” when Vinny Guadagnino told his mom Paola that their guest, Jenny McCarthy, couldn’t eat garlic or drink wine (straight up sacrilege in a proud Italian household), but luckily, there was still plenty of fodder to go around. Vin lived out every “90210”-era teenage boy’s dream when the former “Singled Out” host climbed into bed with him for some intimate conversation, though the moment was tragically cut short by Paola, who put the kibosh on the frisky kids’ unsupervised alone time.

Collected below are some of the best quotes from the episode, which also featured teen group Mindless Behavior. They, unlike Jenny, made their interview a more public affair, and got the better part of their New York City fan base to meet them for a dance party. Check out all the quips!

[Silence] — Paola
Upon hearing upcoming guest Jenny McCarthy is allergic to garlic and wine, Paola — who lives and breathes both — was left completely speechless.

“I got Jenny McCarthy on my mattress in two seconds!” — Vinny
Vinny celebrated the incredible victory of coaxing Jenny McCarthy atop his comforter, until her tender touch made him so nervous that he all but broke out in hives.

“I look like Jimmy Carter without makeup on.” — Jenny
Vin asked Jenny if she’s still recognized by the masses, and Jenny revealed her secret tip for remaining incognito: heading into public places bare-faced.

“She could do it, she just needs three pillows” — Mariann
After Jenny explained her history with Playboy, Vinny’s outspoken sister canvassed for Paola to pose, too, as long as she had the means to cover it all up.

“It’s so bad, you get a Z-minus” — Ray Ray
While Vinny could hang with Mindless Behavior on the b-ball court, he was no match for them on the dance floor. And despite trying to master some basic choreography, Vin failed, and one-fourth of the quartet called him out for his two left feet.

“I’m asking them about the President of the United States; you’re pouring them juice.” — Vinny
Paola interrupted Mindless Behavior’s story of meeting President Obama to top the teens’ drinks off, and Vin was completely taken aback by her audacity. Hey, no good hostess leaves her dinner guests parched!

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