In This Week's Vinny Skinny: Amanda Bynes Escapes Jail Time, Chris Brown Faces It [Video]


Vinny Guadagnino strikes a pose with his pal David.

There's never any shortage of celebrity news or blogs that cover celebrity news, but the one thing Remote Control can offer that no other website can is an anchor who still lives at home with his mother (if she was our mother, we'd never move out, either). This week's Vinny Skinny reads more like a police blotter, detailing Amanda Bynes' brush with the law over an airborne bong and her resulting threat to sue the NYPD for sexual harassment, as well as Chris Brown's Los Angeles hit-and-run, which could land his ass in prison for up to four years. Let's just call this the Criminal Edition.

Check out the latest Skinny below, and, of course, don't forget to tune in tonight at 10/9c for a new episode of "The Show with Vinny," featuring Mindless Behavior and Jenny McCarthy as the Guadagnino Family's house guests.

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