'Real World' Poll: Did Jessica Deserve To Get Dumped? [Video]


For the second time this season, "Real World" princess Jessica was reduced to tears in front of a computer screen because of a breakup. On the first occasion, her ex flicked on the waterworks switch with an email that Jess claimed showed more "raw emotion" from him than ever before, and this time, her Portland fling, Paul Bunyon Tyler, flat-out called things off electronically (wuss! What ever happened to dumping someone over dinner?) because he was supposedly on a "slippery slope of falling in love." We're starting to notice a pattern here ...

"It wasn't the shrine going on in your room?" Jordan sarcastically interjects, as Jessica tries to explain in this "Real World After Show" clip that Tyler broke up with her out of love, not fear. Completely missing the point of his joke, she says the Tyler shrine was only temporary, because she was waiting for her family to send her photos to fill the frames in her room. "So you picked 50 pictures of one guy?" he counters, as Nia lets out a giggle. "There were three photos of me and Tyler," Jess responds to his ribbing, still not understanding that her Helga Pataki impression, after only a few weeks, may have done her in.

+ So, do you think Jessica's keepsake collection was harmless? Or did the shrine break the camel's back? Watch the video to hear her version of the split, and take the poll!

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