Check Out The Best Tricks From The 'Nitro Circus Live' Finale! [GIFs]


The second season of "Nitro Circus Live" came to an end in London last night, but even though the pros have stashed their "Nitro" gear for now, the unforgettable stunts they pulled in Europe will be burned in our brains long enough to satiate us until the 2014 tour. All of the athletes brought their A game to their final performance, giving the Brits -- and viewers at home -- the most action-packed show of the run.

"Most of the athletes have been holding on to one special trick that they didn't want to bust loose until now," producer Jeremy Rawle confessed. Well, the time definitely came to let the tricks out of the bag, because from Jolene Van Vugt landing the first female one-handed back flip to the dreaded metal triangle of death meeting its match, the final show was one for the books.

Check out the best stunts saved for last in all their GIF glory below, as a parting gift from us to you, "Nitro" fans!


"Nitro" girl's "Most Valuable Circus Member" winning moment!


One word: WOW!


No hands? No problem, for this trike master.


Ryan Williams speeds down the ramp with this scooter show-stopper.


Chris Haffey is a blade-wearing force to be reckoned with.

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