Check Out Our GIF Museum Of Jenna Hamilton's Most Mortified Faces


There's no telling where Jenna Hamilton's heart will take her, but at least we'll be able to watch her love story play out all over her terrible poker face. The "Awkward" blogger girl is well known around Palos Hills for her poignant accounts of high school life, but for viewers, she's just as famous for her many eye-rolls, brow-furrows and every conceivable facial contortion known to mankind. And while J's had struggles with telling the truth in the past (pregnancy scare? What pregnancy scare?), her mug never lies.

Since sound isn't required to appreciate the artistic mastery that is the J-Town Mortification Face (trademark pending), we decided to put together our own little GIF museum of her telling expressions. Uncomfortable car rides? Trouble with the live-in boyfriend? We've got a Jenna Face for every occasion. Feast your eyes on the world's most elastic visage:






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