Tyler Posey And His Younger Brother Give New Meaning To The Word 'Stud' [Video]


Tyler Posey lets his little brother, Jesse, take front and center.

Brace yourselves, "Teen Wolf" fans, because another Posey is about to descend from the heavens. Yup, Tyler isn't the only tall, dark and handsome member of his family, and rather than keep his DNA doppelganger hidden away any longer, TyPo's sharing the spotlight with his little bro, Jesse, in a photo spread for the new "Boys of Summer" issue of Troix Magazine (which, conveniently hits newsstands June 3 -- the same day as a certain show's third-season premiere).

The sibs, who could allllmost pass for identical twins, sat down for an on-set interview with the mag, where they discussed the studly style they rocked for the cameras, as well as their various shoot locations. "Earlier we were in the woods...it's not usually where we hang out," Jesse said of their first setting. "It's where I hang out!" Tyler corrected, waiting for the joke to sink in. "Oh...ohhhh! The wolf thing," Jesse finally acknowledged, proving that his bro's fame (and thirst for human blood) doesn't factor into their bond. Way to keep him humble, Jesse!

Check out the interview, and keep counting down the days (five left!) to the "Teen Wolf" Season 3 premiere.

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Photo: Troix Magazine's Instagram