Snooki's Son Gets His First Haircut, Skips The Blowout [Photos]


Lorenzo LaValle gets a little off the top.

On the heels of Pauly D's guido-to-Gatsby transformation, the world's youngest fist-pumper, Lorenzo LaValle, has undergone his first "Jersey Shore" makeover -- just in time for summer! Snooki recently (and very proudly) plastered pics of the milestone on her website, and though most juiceheads wouldn't DREAM of letting nine months pass between trips to the barber shop, 'Enzo has shown he's got his own style instincts. The kid didn't even ask for a blowout!

He was one cool customer, too. While many youngins might need an airplane-shaped chair or a lollipop to stay calm during their first cut, Lorenzo continued to prove he's a chill little dude, quietly drinking from his bottle through many a scissor snip. And the finished product? Handsome! Where are all the baby guidettes at?

+ Check out the after shot below, and tell us what you think of Lorenzo's first official grooming sesh!


Lorenzo's all smiles after his first haircut.

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Photo courtesy of Snooki's Celebuzz page