Has Ke$ha's 'Crazy Beautiful Life' Changed Your Opinion Of Her?


With a New Year's Eve performance in the heart of NYC, Ke$ha's two-year "Crazy Beautiful" journey came to a close on tonight's finale, and the success of "Warrior" sent her out on a high note. It was the perfect ending to the proudly imperfect pop star's documentary, and we'll certainly miss watching her wild, yet very personal journey unfold. Though her costumes and makeup were always over the top, whenever the public spotlight was switched off, we got a chance to see that Ke$ha's just a normal, fun-loving Tennessee gal at heart. And we liked her very much.

Throughout the season, Ke$ha's brother captured her radiance both on and offstage. From reflecting on family life to mourning lost love, the singer's more-human-than-"Animal" moments kept us coming back each week. Sure, it was fun to watch her set off glitter cannons into packed crowds, but getting a glimpse of her more vulnerable side was why the show became simply unmissable.

+ Take a look at some of Ke$ha's most genuine moments, and tell us if and how your opinion of Ke$ha has changed after getting an inside look at her crazy, beautiful life.

On not wanting to know her father's identity:

Seeking out "Tour Beard Hot Guy":

Handling bullies:

Decompressing with animal friends:

Honoring old traditions:

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