'Awkward.' Poll: Who's A Better Fit For Jenna: Matty Or Collin?


Is the most enviable couple at Palos Hills High School about to crash and burn? Through most of this "Awkward" season, Matty and Jenna have been in sync, and when their sixth-month anniversary rolled around on tonight's episode, Jenna remarked how nice it was to be in a relationship that had become so effortless. However, after an unofficial coffee date with Collin left her stomach full of butterflies, J-Ham was forced to consider whether or not the ease she felt with Matty meant her feelings had faded.

Collin, whom Jenna initially wrote off as a pretentious Kerouac-wannabe, proved to be somewhat of a kindred spirit at his girlfriend's costume party, and their friendship continued to grow after Jenna's coffee house reading. While the two discussed their significant others, it became clear that Collin had lost his interest in Angelique, and for a moment, Jenna questioned whether the flame between her and Matty could remain lit. After all, just how long can opposites attract?

+ Tell us what you think: Should Jenna consider dating Collin, who shares many of her interests, or has Matty become too good to give up? Take the poll!

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