Nick Cannon Is Back To Making Music, But Just For White People?


Nick Cannon, all suited up for this morning's "Today" show.

These days, it's practically impossible to turn on the TV without seeing Nick Cannon. From Nickelodeon to BET, the entertainment industry mogul has made his way through quite a few networks, so when we caught him hobnobbing with NBC's "Today" show hosts this morning, we weren't surprised...until we learned why he was a guest. Nick was at the studio to share the news that we won't just be seeing more of him this summer when "Wild 'N Out" returns on July 9 -- we'll be hearing him, too. "I'm bringing my MTV show back and all that stuff, so I said, 'I'll get back into this music thing,'" Nick says in the interview below. WHEN DOES THIS GUY HAVE TIME TO BREATHE???

It's been over eight years since Nick's hit, "Gigolo," made a splash, and this time around, the multi-talented performer's trading in R&B for EDM on his new album, White People Party Music. Just in time for summer ragers!

Riding the house music wave will get Nick a lot of play in scene-y places like the Jersey Shore, where his new song, "Me Sexy," would fit in with the best of Pauly D's legendary mixes. Then again, Pauly's audience might be more open to some "Tan People Party Music." For your consideration, Mr. Cannon...

+ Check out the lyric video for "Me Sexy," along with Nick's "Today" interview, and tell us what you think of his return to the music scene!

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