7 'Teen Wolf' GIFs That'll Scare Your Pants Off Before The Season 3 Premiere

This might hurt? Well, that's the understatement of the century. But don't worry, "Teen Wolf" fans, it's gonna hurt real GOOD.

For those of you who haven't had time to binge on Seasons 1 and 2 in order to prep for Season 3's Monday night premiere, we've put together the Cliffs Notes, in GIF form! Some real sinister s*** is about to befall Beacon Hills, so to help you get fully into the spirit of blood lust, here are some memorable moments from the past, as well as two from the new trailer!


All things KanimaJust when we were getting used to the weekly wolf transformations, in Season 2, Jeff Davis introduced us to a whole new breed of creepy: the Kanima. No matter how you slice it, every single time we saw the half-lizard, all-disgusting creature, it made our hair stand on end. The Kanima's (hopefully?) a thing of the past, but we're sure the new Alpha Pack will provide us with some bone-chilling metamorphoses in its truly icky place.


When Gerard slashed that poor, homeless Omega werewolf in two. Hunters gonna hunt -- but do they always have to be so violent about it? When gramps captured this homeless Omega, he felt the need to make quite a scene, instead of just gunning him down with an arrow like the rest of the Argent family. If G's gone for good, who will step up and take his sadistic, geriatric place?


Peter Hale's attack on LydiaAh, the first moment of the love triangle that wasn't. When Derek's uncle took a chunk out of Lydia, it was only the beginning of her downward spiral into Crazytown, USA. Though Lydia was immune to the bite, we're still not sure why. Hopefully Season 3 will provide us more info on what exactly the girl's made of.


Lydia's hairy "Psycho" moment. It may have been a hallucination, but it was still creepy as hell. Alfred Hitchcock is tipping his hat to this spin on his classic scene, somewhere out there.


One trippy hallucination of Peter Hale. There's nothing quite like a burned-up ghost sniffing your neck to make you swear off men for awhile. Here's hoping that Lydia will be able to find love after her whirlwind flirtation with a figment of her imagination.


Derek is totally going to get staked. If you want to kill a werewolf, you might have a better shot with a silver arrow, right? Derek ain't a vampire, mystery assassin, but that still looks like it hurts.


Mama McCall might get her throat torn out. Say it ain't so, Season 3! Say it ain't so!

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