5 Things Your Boyfriend (Or Any Guy, Really) Could Learn From 'Awkward.' Hunk Matty McKibben [Video]


The minute Matty McKibben uttered the words "Nobody can know I like you" to Jenna Hamilton (which occurred after precisely one minute of awkward utility-closet sex with her), he revealed himself to be a Grade-A d-bag. Our hearts broke with J's while we watched her first (and only) love string her along throughout Season 1 as if she were merely a Barney with boobs. Throw in the guy's attempts at sabotaging Jakenna's happiness during Season 2, and we'd hardly call him boyfriend material. Team Jake, anyone?

Thing is, we just want our favorite anti-heroine to be happypants, so when Jenna landed back in Matty's arms at the end of Season 2, we went with it. At the time, we weren't sure the two had staying power (what did they really have in common, anyway?), but now, we're starting to realize that Jenna saw something in Matty the rest of us did not.

Lately, McKibs has done a complete 180 as far as BF duties are concerned. His sweeter side has surfaced, and he's taken great strides to show Jenna he's serious about being the best boyf ever. Check out these five lessons your beau can learn from Matty's total personality makeover:

Occasionally put your personal comfort aside for the sake of making your woman happy. Matty swallowed his pride and ignored his two left feet by taking some dance lessons from Jake before Homecoming, because he knew the effort would make J-Ham happy. While his moves were more John Goodman than Justin Timberlake, he still hit the dance floor and broke it down like nobody was watching...even though everybody was. Hard to believe this is the same Matty that once tried to hide his relationship with J from the Palos Hills gossip vultures.

Give your girl some space if she needs it. Whether she insists on watching "Pretty Woman" again or taking a deuce while you do manly things on the really, really far side of the house, oblige her as best you can. Matty's extended staycation at the Hamilton household resulted in a minor blowup with Jenna -- a little privacy, PLEASE?. -- but like a good BF, he eventually took a step (or five) back, no questions asked.

Always believe in your girlfriend, even when she doesn't. After being placed on the Not Hot List opposite her Very Hot boyfriend, Jenna began to doubt her appeal. When she asked Matty what he saw in her, he immediately responded, "You're a good person. The best person I know, and every moment I spend with you, I get better." Say it with us now, AWWWWWWW!!!

Stick up for those you respect, no matter what. When Matty's parents were attacking the Hamiltons over providing the teens with birth control, McKibben Junior defended the Hamiltons by explaining that Lacey had Jenna when she was a teenager. Pretty ballsy move considering Mrs. McKibben was about to start breathing fire. Good on ya, Matty!

Be honest about your feelings. Matty was extremely hurt when Jenna told Jake about the pregnancy-that-wasn't before him, and bottling up his sadness only made things worse (and had Jenna subconsciously considering a Prozac prescription). Eventually, however, he let Jenna inside, and everything returned to being peachy keen in Lover Land.

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