That's What You Said...About Kailyn Lowry's Second Pregnancy

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As if you needed more proof that Kailyn Lowry can handle more kids.

When she was "16 & Pregnant," Kailyn Lowry faced a number of roadblocks to becoming a good parent, but now that she's older, happily married and starting a career, she seems more prepared than ever to add to her family. The "Teen Mom 2" cast member recently alerted the social media universe by means of baby shower photos that she's pregnant with her second child, and she looked completely elated to soon become a mother of two.

Fans who have been following Kail on her journey had a lot to say, and many were happy to hear her new baby will be born into a more stable environment. Take a look at some of the comments that were posted on Remote Control and Facebook, and keep the conversation going!


"Wish them the best! Kailyn has issues, but she is an AWESOME mom to Issac! She only has his best interest in mind!" -- Sabrina W.

"She takes good care of her son and I'm pretty sure she'll do the same with the new child. Not only that, she's grown and MARRIED!" -- Kasey C.

"Congratulations to the both of you -- don't worry about what people say about you." -- Lynnell L.

Remote Control:

"Why all the negativity?! She's not a teen anymore, is married and financially stable. So what's the big deal she's pregnant again?" -- Ash

"At least she did it the right way this time. She should fix her attitude and continue to be a great mom." -- Dionna

"Congrats and may God bless you all with a beautiful little girl that Isaac will protect all his life." -- Sandra

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Photo courtesy of Facebook