'Real World' Sneak Peek: Is Marlon About To Fall Off His Celibacy Wagon?


Ever since God-fearing Marlon dropped the gay sex bomb on his roommates, his bed has seen about as much activity as a coma patient's. And while the rest of the house hasn't really thought much of it (hell, two of them are too busy screwing each other to notice anyone else's conquests...or lack thereof), Marlon's conviction to remain celibate during his "Real World" experience has been occupying much space in his own mind. He's stuck to his guns so far (bringing home lesbians seemed to be a good tactic), but this sneak peek of the next episode poses the question: How much self-control can a hot, 20-something athlete in a cool city actually maintain?

Enter Ashley, a shot-pushing cutie with a record (she got arrested in L.A., so she "kinda" had to go home to Portland), who catches Marlon's eye at Splash after Johnny decides to head home for the night. "Flirting...that's not bad in my book," Marlon says of his initial interaction with Ashley, but before long, the flirting appears to jump to the next level. The two grow closer as the liquor flows, and, low and behold, Ashley ends up following Marlon back to the loft for a night cap -- possibly one that doesn't involve clothing.

Check out the video, and tune in Wednesday night at 10/9 to see exactly where Marlon's evening is headed.

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