This Is What Happens When You Invite Riff Raff To The MTV Office [Video]


A little over an hour ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming rapper and short-lived "From G's to Gents" contestant Riff Raff to the office to tape a daily video feature, which will premiere on Remote Control June 3 and run throughout the entire month. For now, we're keeping the content of the franchise top secret, but we can reveal that a certain producer peed her pants a little bit from laughing so hard during the shoot. F**k it, it was me.

Riff had a pretty good time, too. After eating us out of house and home (three deli sandwiches, a specially ordered fajita and two bags of chips, to be exact), the corn-rowed lyrical genius ran wild through the cubicle-lined halls of MTV headquarters, offending various employees as he filmed a slew of Vine videos. Not only did he claim his own corner office, but he accused one staffer of stealing administrative supplies, and another of being Tonya Harding's twin. He also called me an "emotional drain." I think I can speak for everyone in the building when I say: More, please.

Check out some of Riff Raff's Vine videos below, and stay tuned for the debut of his daily blog feature, premiering June 3!

Photo: Rick Davis/Splash News