The Saturdays And Vinny Guadagnino Turn A Baby Shower Game Into One Giant 'That's What She Said' [Video]


What's a guy to do when cornered by five flirtatious starlets? Shove some baby bottles full of OJ in their pie-holes so they stop asking about his penis size, of course. You can thank Vinny Guadagino's quick thinking on last night's "Show with Vinny" for that pro-tip!

When (mostly) British girl group The Saturdays stopped by the diner where Paola works to have a traditional American breakfast, the brunch chat quickly turned dirty, and Vinny found himself in the hot seat. The seven-months pregnant Rochelle was particularly interested in Vinny's sexual history (must be the hormones), so in an effort to regain control of the interview, he redirected the spotlight on her.

In the video below, Vin invites the ladies to play the same baby bottle-sucking game he did during Snooki's "Shore" shower, but the group's competitive nature works against them, and while they attempt to swig the juice, their frustrations manifest in ways that would make even Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin blush. Rochelle's complaint, "I can't get anything out of hole's really, really small," is a standout quote, but you should really take in the whole thing for a bigger taste.

That's what she said.

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