Angelina Pivarnick Wants You To Know She Supports Gay Marriage...So She Made A Music Video About It


Angelina Pivarnick and Adam Barta team up for "Serendipity."

Reality TV career be damned, Angelina Pivarnick has moved on to activism! Yup, the ex-"Jersey Shore" villainess recently teamed up with former foe and one-man music video-making machine Adam Barta to prove she's more than just a trash bag-wielding s**tstarter -- these days, she's all about human rights! But that wasn't always the case...

Last year, Pivarnick entered into an intense debate with Barta over same-sex marriage, and the Staten Island native's position against it enraged the openly gay artist. Fast-forward to today, and Angie is singing a different tune on her gay marriage stance...literally. In their new music video collaboration (!!!), "Serendipity," Barta -- who has worked with other esteemed acts such as Tan Mom and Octomom -- and Angelina rush to the most romantic place in all of New York City (the TKTS pavilion in the heart of Times Square) to get hitched. Not to each other, but *SHOCKER* to their same-sex partners! Nothing says "I changed my mind about same-sex couples" quite like making out with another girl in a wedding dress in a low-budget music video, amirite?

Check out some of the thought-provoking lyrics below, as well as the video. You won't regret it.

For a time I felt like I lost who I am

But today I will stand with your love and just be me.

It's serendipity, you and me

The fates are smiling like a Hollywood dream.

I'll never change who I'm meant to be

I'm done with pleasin' the majority.

It's serendipity, serendipity, serendipity, serendipity.