'Awkward.' Sneak Peek: Jenna And Matty's Night Apart Forces Jakara To Unattach Their Hips


Ever since Jakara DTRed and became inseparable, it's been impossible for anyone in Palos Hills to get alone time with either half of the couple. But in this sneak peek of the next episode, Jenna's insistence on spending the night away from Matty forces him to defer to Plan B: a dude-only evening with his best buddy, Jake. The "Awkward" blogger girl doesn't want anyone to witness to her public storytelling performance -- especially not her boyfriend -- and before Tamara can put her foot down, Matty calls dibs on Jake. We'll pretend we didn't hear the "bro-becue" part....

"I am nervous and insecure, and we don't need to do everything together," Jenna tells an overzealous Matty, who insists he wants to be at the reading to support her. The temporary division bleeds into Tamara and Jake, who, after some debate, decide that spending the night apart wouldn't be the worst thing. Still, T warns her boyfriend not to get too comfortable on his own: "That's right -- you do you, because you won't be doin' me anytime soon with a 'tude like that."

Check out the clip, and catch an all-new "Awkward" on Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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