Got Twitter Haters? 'Girl Code' Comedian Nicole Byer Sets An Example For Shrugging 'Em Off


In case you were wondering, Nicole Byer doesn't give a f**k what you think. We love that "Girl Code"'s proudly independent woman isn't afraid to admit she's never had a bikini wax or gotten busy in a cab, but apparently, not everyone agrees with us, and some folks on Twitter aren't so keen on Nicole's brashness. Instead of letting the hate get her down, though, the comedienne has been shrugging it off in her signature "screw off" fashion by retweeting her haters' malice to her swelling social media following and letting them handle the spotlight from there. Ha!

Throughout last night's "Girl Code" episodes, Nicole opted to simply give every single person on Twitter who just doesn't understand her spot-on commentary the attention they begged for, and the beautifully executed move provided some amazing, mid-show entertainment. But it's important to point out that Nicole didn't neglect her many ardent supporters in the meantime, and shared a few messages of praise, like this one from @kelseylaflin: "My favorite thing ever is when @nicolebyer retweets when people insult her ???????? love it." We do, too, Kelsey. We do, too.

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