'Real World' Poll: Should Anastasia Break Up With Her Boyfriend?


Anastasia was quick to malign her housemates for their lukewarm response to her boyfriend, but on tonight's "Real World," she learned their early dismissals were not unfounded. Though Ana and Mark were in a blissful bubble when they first reunited, a night out on the town quickly turned into an hours-long, no-holds-barred screaming match between the couple, and the usually composed Bird fell to pieces. The episode ended with her considering whether or not to let Mark go, and in the "Real World After Show" clip below, JessicaJordan and Nia try to make sense of Mark's late-night switch from Jekyll to Hyde.

Nia says she couldn't understand how or why a pleasant time at Splash Bar turned into a war zone back home, but Jessica thinks it was a case of Anastasia getting upset as soon as Mark uttered the word "bitch." "Your boyfriend should not say those things to you, much less in the environment that you're in," she comments. "That was supposed to be her rock, her anchor."

+ Tell us what you think: Is Mark worth Bird's time, or should she consider spending the rest of her Oregon stay as a single lady? Check out the video, and take the poll!

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