The Best 'Awkward.' Homecoming Episode Moments In GIFs


You know what? As much as we mourn our fleeting youth, we're kind of glad we escaped high school before the GIF's glory days. Polaroid memories of school-sanctioned dances spent in Hawaiian Oxfords and drawstring cargo shorts were bad enough, but if they had the capacity to play on loop, we'd be on the next beach-bound train to bury our heads in the sand. The characters of "Awkward," however, cannot escape.

From the Sadiest Sadie-ism yet to Becca's now infamous confirmation/negation, last night's Homecoming episode surely gave the students of Palos Hills High School memories that will last a lifetime. And being the kind bloggers we are, we went ahead and giffed 'em real good.

+ Check it all out, and tell us your favorite moment from the ep in the comments!




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