'numbNuts' Fan-Fave Horse Survives Near-Fatal Car Accident



With all of the literal ball-busting he endures, it's easy to forget that "numbNuts"'s Horse is not actually made of steel. This weekend, the stuntman was rushed to the hospital after swerving his car to avoid a deer, and then slamming into a tree, TMZ reports. Thankfully, Horse was released a few hours after being admitted, and despite these scary photos he tweeted, the lovable man child only suffered a sore neck, some scratches and a possible concussion.

"Legitimately thought I was going to die tonight," Horse posted Saturday night. Later, he gave a more detailed account of the accident to his followers, saying, "Dodged a deer.. Hit a tree.. Rolled the car. Thought I was dead. Glad to be alive. Glad nobody was with me."

Rest easy, Horse! We're sure you'll be back to your usual testicular torment in no time.



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Photos: @NastytheHorse