The 'Nitro Circus Live' Guys Give The British Lifestyle Their Best Shot [GIFs]


While Brits are known for their prim and proper nature, the "Nitro Circus Live" cast is essentially famous for the exact opposite. During last night's episode, while the rowdy bunch was in the UK, they did their best to scale back on their nutso tendencies and conform to British culture, but unfortunately came up short, proving that no matter what, the group is more crass than class. And we mean that in the very best way!

"The notion of sophistication, polish and being proper is a very foreign concept to the 'Nitro Circus' crew," producer Jeremy Rawle admitted about his rag-tag posse. But who cares if these athletes skipped out on Ms. Porter's pinky-lifting etiquette class? They were too busy mastering the art of the back flip! And, regardless of how unrefined they may be, we have to give the guys credit for not letting a little culture shock keep them from trying something new. From playing polo to participating in tea time, they did their best to honor queen and country, so to pay homage to their assimilation attempts, we giffed out their most British-y moments below. Because what happens in London, ends up on Remote Control!


Who knew that British phone booths doubled as butler portals?


Better leave the tea drinking to Queen Elizabeth, lads.


Looks like polo is even harder to master than trike jumping.


Bilko gives a whole new meaning to the word whiplash.

Don't miss the "Nitro Circus Live" finale next Tuesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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