Ke$ha's Sophomore Album Release Day Is A Bit Of 'Crazy Beautiful' Déjà Vu [Video]


In a single moment on last night's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," Ke$ha put all of your Christmas morning memories to shame. Yes, even the one where you got a puppy and a Barbie Jeep. After an exhausting tour and frantic few months in the studio, Ke$ha's second album, "Warrior," finally hit shelves, and she continued her tradition of going to a local record store to pick up a copy, where -- in an instant the pop star couldn't have written better herself -- the very same man who sold her "Animal" years before rang her up again. Kismet!

After chatting up Steven Tyler in her driveway (stars, they're just like us!), Ke$ha adorably proceeds to the record store in the clip below, and stares in awe at her work of art, as well as its deluxe edition alternative. "It's specially packaged so you can't steal it!" she squeals before realizing the extra plastic is just there to hold an included novelty bracelet. When she finally makes her way to the register, the pop star's history repeats itself: "I called you Keisha," the store's employee recalls. "And you were like: 'It's Ke$ha!'" You and everybody else who tried to pronounce a dollar sign correctly. No shame there, buddy.

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