'Awkward.' Poll: Does Tamara Need To Zip Her Gossipy Lips?


Everybody loves Tamara, and half of the fiery pistol's appeal is her mile-a-minute motormouth. Lately on "Awkward," though, her gift of gab has gone a little overboard, and caused some issues with Jenna. There's been no intentional malice, but ever since Jakara DTR'd, Tamara has been telling Jake everything -- and we mean everything -- about her BFF's personal life. Her habit of oversharing nearly landed Jenna in hot water with Matty on tonight's episode, so we have to ask: Is it time for the gossip queen to cool it?

Jenna's choice to protest homecoming date-pinning to spare the feelings of her single classmates was a noble one but, understandably, she wanted to keep Matty in the dark so he didn't get the wrong idea about her aversion to the tradition. Without much provocation, T was quick to sell J out to Jake, and, after apologizing for it, did it again when she let it slip that Jenna had misgivings about the dance altogether because of Matty's two left feet. Girl code...?

+ Tell us what you think -- does Tamara have the right to completely confide in Jake, or should her loyalty lie with Jenna?

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