The 'Boy Meets World' Cast Have Made Some Surprising Career Moves Over The Years


The "Boy Meets World" cast, back in the day.

We are thisclose to seeing Cory and Topanga reclaim their places as TV royalty on "Girl Meets World," but don't hold your breath for anyone else from the original "Boy Meets World" cast (besides Mr. Feeeeeeeny!) to make an appearance on the new series. Though Rider Strong got fans' hopes up when he and Will Friedle stopped by the set earlier this year, he was merely showing support, and recently made it very clear that his life and career have taken some turns since "BMW" wrapped.

Rider's not only planning a wedding, but he's got his hands full with several non-acting projects. "Why am I not acting anymore? Because I'm making my own movies," he tweeted, along with a link to the independent film he's directing, "The Dungeon Master." On top of giving Steven Spielberg a run for his money, he's also an avid reader. So avid, in fact, that he's created his own podcast, "Literary Disco," on which he and his friends wax poetic on the finest books around. Seems Shawn and Rider are even less alike than we thought!

Rider's straying away from his acting roots got us wondering what some other "BMW" casties have been up to in the new millennium, so we did some digging on the intertubes. It turns out that Rider's TV girlfriend, Angela (Trina McGee), and roommate, Rachel (Maitland Ward), remained in the acting game after the show wrapped, but they certainly switched up their looks! Maitland, who was famous for her short, red locks, was almost completely unrecognizable as Brittany Wilson in "White Chicks." And though Trina's recently gone back to brunette, she once sported a lighter 'do, too. Hey, even Will Friedle went blond a cartoon character. That counts...right?


Maitland Ward at the "White Chicks" premiere in 2004.


Trina McGee at an event in 2012.


Ron Stoppable, voiced by Will Friedle on Disney's "Kim Possible."

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Photos: James Sorensen/ Marcel Thomas/Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images, Disney