'Hooked On Catfish' Special Will Lead In To Second 16-Episode Season!


If the infamous Mhissy knocked you off balance during the inaugural "Catfish" season, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Season 2 of the show will officially kick off on Tuesday, June 25, at 10/9c, offering up 16 of the most sordid stories online dating has to offer. Believe us when we say: You'll want to tune in. Truth is stranger than fiction indeed.

Before Nev and Max restart their travels, MTV will air a "Hooked on Catfish: The Road to Season Two" special on Monday, June 17, at 11/10c, which will serve as a bridge between where we last left the Internet-detectives and where they're at now. The half-hour show will give you an exclusive look at the tales to come, too, including that of Cassie and Steve, who are ENGAGED but have never met, and the tale of an Iraq vet and his mystery love. BREAK OUT THE TACKLEBOX and get ready to swallow this thing hook, line and sinker.

+ Excited for the new season? Be sure to tune in to a Season 1 marathon starting Sunday, June 23, at 9a/8c, and remind us which episode left you cringing the most in the comments! Plus, check out a special message from Nev and Max below!

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