Whose 'World Of Jenks' Story Made The Biggest Impression On You: Chad's, Kaylin's Or D-Real's?


After a year of racking up frequent flyer miles, Andrew Jenks has officially signed off of the second season of "World Of Jenks," leaving behind three completely changed people. In the Jenks-sized slices of their lives, we saw Kaylin, D-Real and Chad face their demons, exercise their potential and wind up far from where they started. But since cameras won't be around for their next chapters, we're curious which story impacted you the most.

When fan-favorite Chad returned for Season 2, he was struggling with the idea of moving on with his life. The comforts of home -- like sleeping on his parents' bedroom floor -- were slowly starting to disappear for the autistic 21-year-old, and his first relationship tested his capacity for compromise. Slowly, Chad learned ways to manage some of his anxiety, and not only graduated, but earned a job at a nearby pizzeria, where he quickly became a customer-favorite and proud protégé of the owner, Al. The biggest test for Chad, though, was trying to cope with moving away from his childhood home -- for good -- but rather than let the transition get the best of him, he ultimately decided it was for the best, and acclimated to his new neighborhood.

A former gang member who was all-too familiar with the flash of police lights, D-Real was just starting to turn his life around when he met Jenks. After his brother -- who D-Real brought into the gang scene -- died from multiple gunshot wounds, D-Real committed to making the dangerous city of Oakland safer by urging youth to direct their anger into artistic outlets. Though the bone-breaking dancer and young father had a hiccup here and there, in which his old, aggressive habits resurfaced, by the end of the show, he proved he could work through his anger. Equally as impressive, he and his group, the Turf Feinz, were signed by a professional choreographer and got to perform for Mac Miller! Still, D-Real's mission was not to become famous but to clean up Oakland, and he vowed to stay there until his home was a safer place.

While the world around her California home was sunny and bright, there was a dark cloud hanging over aspiring fashion designer Kaylin when we first met her. She was still recovering from a second battle with cancer, and it was as if her intense residual pain would never subside. Still, Kaylin -- who never took a single day for granted -- decided to pick up and move across the country to New York to pursue her dreams, regardless of her health. While she wasn't completely out of the woods when it came to a potential third battle with the big C, she didn't let it get her down, and amid a flurry of nerve-wracking hospital trips sans insurance, Kaylin still turned out a solid collection for an emerging designer fashion show, got her own comic book on shelves and landed a job at Betsey Johnson. Not too shabby...

+ So, whose inspirational story struck the strongest chord with you? Take our poll, and let us know what you thought of the finale in the comments!

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