The New 'Teen Wolf' Alpha Pack Will Rip Beacon Hills To Shreds This Season [Trailer]


Sometimes, Hollywood likes to shake up the classic villain persona by giving bad guys a tiny ounce of compassion for the innocent, but you're not going to find any of that from Beacon Hills' newest arrivals. Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" is just two weeks from its premiere date, and in the trailer below, it's clear that when the Alpha Pack finally strikes, they won't be showing any mercy. Is it too early to label this season's motif as "bloodbath"?

Scott McCall -- who's now a close personal friend to tragedy -- is completely helpless against the Alpha Pack, and his effort to stop evil from taking over seems to only strengthen the pack's resolve. And it's not just fellow half-beasts Derek and Isaac the Alphas are after: It looks as if Mrs. McCall might even be caught in the crossfire (and potentially become a victim of it, too). "Every time I try to fight back it just gets worse," Scott says, as he watches his world cave in around him. Could these ferocious out-of-towners finally be the end of the Beacon Hills hero?

+ Check out the trailer for all the nail-biting action, tell us what you think of it and tune in to the "Teen Wolf" Season 3 premiere Monday, June 3 at 10/9c!

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