Will Heather Naylor's 'Alectrix' Dream Team Become Music's Next Big Thing? [Trailer]


As a talent manager, Joe Simpson helped launch his daughters, Ashlee and Jessica, into musical superstardom -- not to mention, both ladies had their own shows on MTV! But now that they've both grown up, Joe's looking to cultivate some new, young talent in the form of a bad-ass girl group, and in this trailer for MTV's new six-episode series, "The Alectrix," Joe and group founder Heather Naylor band together to narrow down a pool of hopefuls into a fierce fivesome. Watch out, The Saturdays, we think you've got competition!

After pouring every ounce of herself -- and her money -- into making her dreams a reality, Heather (formerly of "The Electric Barbarellas") is risking it all for a chance to create the next musical sensation. However, from auditions to song writing to major attitude clashes (oh, and a pregnancy!), it looks like the road to stardom will be a bumpy one.

Will the group's members have what it takes to leave all the drama behind and make it big? Check out the trailer, and don't miss the series premiere of "The Alectrix" June 4 at 11/10c on MTV!