That's What You Said...About Chelsea And Adam's Rekindled 'Teen Mom 2' Love Affair

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It's a tale we've told a thousand times on Remote Control, but when Chelsea admitted on the "Teen Mom 2Finale Special that she and Adam -- who'd been seeing another girl -- had been hooking up again, it genuinely caught us off guard. And as the two argued about their complicated relationship (for the umpteenth time), fans of the show couldn't get online fast enough to chime in.

Collected below are some of the most intriguing comments posted to Remote Control and Facebook, and they run the gamut -- from supportive to critical, you all had something to say about Chelsea's choice to start things back up with her ex-flame. Check 'em out, and tell us where you stand on the new chapter in this on-again, off-again saga.

Remote Control:

"Chelsea is a good mother, I think she just needs to be open to finding someone that wants more than sex. I want to see her find a guy that knows how important family is and one that gets along with her dad." -- Brandy

"I was completely dumbfounded when Dr. Drew talked to Chelsea about the time she thought she might have been pregnant with Adam's child at the beginning of the season. Dr. Drew asked why she didn't get Plan B, and Chelsea said it's because she didn't know for sure she was pregnant. That's WHY you get Plan B!" -- whatyouwant


"Chelsea is not ready to move on, don't fault her for that. We all go through it. When she has had enough, she will make different choices." -- Jenna M.

"It's really hard to let go of your first love and the one you share a child with. I did the same thing she did." -- Tarin S.

"I really like Chelsea, but she can do SO much better!" -- Lesley M.

"If you had any clue what being in love or having a kid with someone is like, you'd know it's hard for her to not go back to Adam, because she craves that family, like any normal person would." -- Meghan M.

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