Ana May Have Set Her 'Real World' Bonding Expectations Too High [Sneak Peek]


Though Anastasia and Averey were two peas in a girly pod on the latest "Real World," Averey's friendship might be starting to fall short for Bird. And though A&A edged out Jessica, causing tension between the girls, in this sneak peek of the next episode, it's Jess -- of all people -- who comforts Ana after a thoughtless comment from Marlon brings her to tears. Perhaps Bird might want to rethink her whole anti-Jess crusade...

"I just think people here really don't give a f**k," Ana explains after Jess asks her what's wrong. The problem is, Bird's spent the majority of her time in Portland trying hard to get to know her housemates, so when Marlon couldn't bother to remember Bird's boyfriend's name -- who she yammers on about endlessly -- she felt like the effort to learn about one another was something only she took seriously. "Well I don't want you to think I don't care," Jessica says, trying to comfort her. "I'm here if you need me."

Poor Ana...did she not get the memo that one of the hardest things to do on reality TV is make friends?

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