This Week's @RevRunWisdom: Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Responsible!

Let's keep it real, folks. Life isn't always a bed of roses, and a week without one bad day included is pretty rare. But guess what? You made it to Friday in one piece, and Rev Run's social media musings are just the thing to get you into Zen mode for the weekend. Check out a few of our favorite recent @RevRunWisdom posts, then kick back, relax and be happy.


Rev Run at a "Manology" book signing in February.

Enlightenment can come in all shapes and sizes, and Rev Run draws inspiration from all walks of life. From a cuddly cartoon character to a religious minister who iterates the same sentiments as one former "Jersey Shore" housemate's ink, this week's wisdom roundup is chock full of positive reinforcement and proof that motivation is all around us -- you just have to look in the right places.


6-year-old Miley Simmons may have suggested this quote.


...and never look back!


Minister June Hunt must have seen Vinny Guadagnino's tattoo, "Let go and let God."


And let that energy carry you through to the weekend! 

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Photo: J. Countess/Getty Images