'Did You Just Call Me Cashew?' And More Winning 'Show With Vinny' Quotes!


A nearly nude Uncle Nino getting a glitter shower from Ke$ha was more than our eyes were prepared to see on the most recent "The Show with Vinny," but as usual, our ears got quite the treatment, too. From casual conversation about time spent in correctional facilities to talk of "Ted," all the discussions between Vin, Paola, Nino and their guests, Ke$ha and "Pain And Gain" stars Anthony Mackie and Mark Wahlberg, are worthy of public record. Somehow, we managed to choose a few favorites -- take a look at the notable quotes, below!

"We're getting jacked! Yay!" -- Paola

Vin's mom adorably decided to get into fighting shape when she heard she'd be rubbing elbows with the buffest man alive, Mark Wahlberg.

"I thought you were the other guy...who takes his shirt off." -- Mark

Mark was a completely pleasant interview, but he still didn't abandon his trademark ball-busting humor. The actor made quite an entrance when he pretended to confuse Vin for a certain other "Jersey Shore" housemate.

"I've been classically trained in the Deer Island House of Corrections, and many other correctional facilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." -- Mark

After Anthony described his formal training at the prestigious Julliard School, Mark chimed in with his own interpretation of a proper education.

"Where's Ted now? Is he in rehab?" -- Nino

Vin's most embarrassing relative decided to introduce himself to the Oscar-nominated star by asking him about his former stuffed animal co-star.

"I was like, 'I don't need money -- I am money!' It was the best time of my life." -- Ke$ha

The pop star finally explained the origin of her dollar-sign! Before K-money hit the big leagues, there was only one bar she could afford that offered dollar shots, and she decided to tattoo a dollar sign on her hand to remind herself where the salt chaser goes. How pragmatic.

"Did he just call me cashew?" -- Ke$ha

While drowning Nino in a sea of glitter, Ke$ha, who'd had difficulty understanding Nino all day, finally called him out for his marble-mouth.

"This is like the beginning of the weirdest porno. Uncle Nino's here with his balls hanging out." -- Ke$ha

After appearing to be comfortable for the better part of the glitter-bath, Ke$ha was forced to finally observe how odd the whole thing was. Just another day in the Guadagnino home!

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